Tradevision History

Tradevision Limited (TVL) is a service oriented private limited company in operation since 1985. In the opinion of those it has served, if not the best, one of the best, in the field of Power generator and Electro Medical Equipment supply & Installation in Bangladesh .

The Company started its activities with general trading. In 1991 it switched over to medical equipment supply & installation. While that remains it's principal business. TVL entered into the field of Industrial Power generation - supply & installation in 1994.

At the moment the firm is manned by 50 employees with a highly qualified service team, which includes seceral postgraduate, graduate Engineers and highly skilled technicians. The rest of the employees of this division constantly monitor sales, admin, accounts etc.

In Medical Field we served all most all the tertiary level referral Medical College hospitals, District hospitals, secondary level 250 bed Project hospitals, most of the clinics, diagnostic centers throughout the country. We have served several hundreds of industries countrywide which includes heavy industries, Garments, Hospitals, Cold Storage, Defence Service, Textile Mills and many others.

TVL efficiently serving country's health and power sector almost two decades.